Manchester, Connecticut

Property Maintenance

The Manchester Property Maintenance Code can be viewed under section 242 in the Manchester Code of Ordinances.

Development of the Manchester Property Maintenance

In July of 1997, the Manchester Housing Code responsibilities and enforcement were transferred from the Health Department to the newly created Property Maintenance Unit.

In January of 1997, Mayor Stephen Cassano appointed a committee to consider the Analysis and Comparison of the Manchester Housing Code to the BOCA Property Maintenance Code/1996. This committee, the BOCA Review Committee consisted of Board of Director members, Town staff and Town residents. They met numerous times for the development of the Town of Manchester Property Maintenance Code. This code was adopted in May of 1999.

The Town of Manchester Property Maintenance Code is designed to protect the public health, safety and welfare insofar as they are affected by the continued occupancy and maintenance of structures and premises on all existing residential premises, the exterior of all non-residential, non-municipal premises and the exterior of all included municipal facilities.

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