Manchester, Connecticut


The following Building Department forms are now available:

Permit Application

Inspection Information

Boiler or Furnace Form

Basement Alterations

Residential Roofing Permit Information

Commercial Roofing Permit Information

Certified Statement of Actual Project Costs

Liquid Propane Tank Installation

Use and Occupancy Information Checklist

Siding Permit Information

Wood or Coal Burning Stove Form

Standby Generator Installation Checklist

Permit Extension Request

Permit Cancellation and Refund Request

CT Standardized Solar PV Permit Application

Residential Fence Permit Form (Not pool barrier)

Sildewalk Cafe

Accessibility Compliance Form

Permitted Keeping of Hens

Public Interest Sign Regulations

Temporary Novelty Sign Regulations

Seasonal Vestibules

Plan Request Form

Plan Sign Out Form

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Supplemental Form

Building Code Modification Request